meJess Landry is a graphic designer by day and a writer by night, though the two often intertwine. You can find her work in several anthologies, including Fantastic Tales of Terror, Twice-Told: A Collection of DoublesWhere Nightmares Come FromThe Anatomy of Monsters, and Killing It Softly, among others.

In her role as Managing Editor for JournalStone Publishing, she acquires manuscripts, edits, proofreads, coordinates cover design (occasionally designing a cover herself), and performs any other task that needs doing. She also runs JournalStone’s newest imprint, Trepidatio Publishing, where her goal is to publish diverse stories from diverse authors.

She currently resides in the icy wastelands of Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband, two lazy cats, and her young daughter, who she hopes one day will come to love the genre as much as her mother (if not, she may have to disown her).




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