In other news

So I’ve determined that my average time spent on my own site is roughly twice a year. That’s pretty good, right?


Anyway, there’s much to discuss, and the bulk of it isn’t about me. Hooray!

First, two titles that I acquired for JournalStone (one of which that I edited) are nominated for a Bram Stoker Award!

Gwendolyn Kiste’s collection, AND HER SMILE WILL UNTETHER THE UNIVERSE, is nominated for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection, and S.P. Miskowski’s I WISH I WAS LIKE YOU is nominated for Superior Achievement in a Novel.

Bonus points: I WISH I WAS LIKE YOU is also nominated for a This Is Horror Award!

Double bonus points: Philip Fracassi’s collection, BEHOLD THE VOID, is also nominated for Short Story Collection of the Year!

Triple bonus points: JournalStone is nominated for Publisher of the Year. If you feel compelled to vote for these wonderful authors and maybe even JournalStone, check out This Is Horror to do so! Voting closes on February 26, 2018.

This year’s StokerCon is taking place March 1 – 4 in the lovely Biltmore hotel in Providence, RI, and wouldn’t you know…I’ll be there!

I’ll be repping JournalStone and Trepidatio on Friday, March 2nd and Saturday, March 3rd by wandering aimlessly around the dealers room and attending random panels, and I’ll be participating in the pitch sessions (on the 3rd). If you see me, come say hi! I’m Canadian — we’re all nice people (allegedly).

I have a few upcoming projects this year that I’ve been sworn to secrecy on, so as soon as I get the go-ahead to share, you bet your bottom dollar I’ll update it here (though if I come back on too soon, I’ll have met my update-your-site-only-twice-a-year quota).

Until then!

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