Oh right, I have a website

It’s no excuse, but sometimes you get so busy that you honestly forget you have a website. However, sometimes little reminders pop up, in particular ones from your hosting site saying “hey, you owe us money.” Then it’s like, oh yeah, I should probably do something with that.

The past year has been absolutely nuts in the best way possible — I’ve had several short stories released in some kick-ass anthologies, am currently long-listed for a Bram Stoker Award, and was a runner-up in the From Our Dark Side Genre Contest, presented by Vancouver Women in Film.

2019 looks to be gearing up as well: February 2nd is the release of Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles, which features my story, “Scordatura.” I have a bunch of other yet-to-be-announced projects on the go, and will be working with a mentor on polishing my first screenplay, so my motto for 2019 is currently: “Sleep? What’s that?”

Hopefully I’ll remember to update this site before February 2020. If not, find me on Twitter or Facebook — I’m always wasting time there.

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